December 20, 2016

gray oversized sweater

gray oversized sweater

If there is nothing more true about me it's that I love neutrals...preferably black, or gray.  I used to be all about color, but I guess I started gravitating towards neutrals once I learned it was easier to put together an outfit quicker in the morning with simpler outfit options to choose from.  Black and gray are probably my favorite colors (I upgraded to the iPhone 7 Plus, just so I could get the matte black phone, ha!), and I wear a variation of the colors to work, on my days off, when I go out, and even at the gym.  I'd been on the hunt for an oversized gray sweater for months to replace one of the sweaters I'd tossed during my deleting spree (yes, clothes were included in that too).  I found this sweater for a really great deal at H&M, and it's so warm and not super itchy like a lot of sweaters can be.  I also despise wearing coats and tons of layers during the winter so I love wearing thick sweaters and cardigans that allow me to forgo wearing all that.  What is your favorite clothing item you've found this season so far?

michael kors sloan bag

gray oversized sweater

gray oversized sweater

gray oversized sweater


Hat, Sweater (few sizes left, similar style here), Plaid Shirt (purchased during Nordstrom Anniversary sale, similar option here, and here), Jeans (similar option here), Bag, Shoes



  1. Picture game is FIRE!!! Love the neutral mix here...looking good!
    Ruqayyah (ReDpants Designs)


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