September 24, 2017


I can't say enough how much I love my church!  Every Sunday I always leave feeling refreshed and motivated, and Pastor Dalco's message is ALWAYS on point.  This Sunday's sermon was talking about stopping your current situation to allow God to rewrite your future.  Sometimes we may think that because we haven't received our blessings, we settle and think that God has forgotten or given up on us.  Have you ever thought that maybe you haven't received it because God knew he would lose you to that thing that you wanted so badly?  Whether that be a man, a job, a house, a car...anything!  That point right there opened up my mind so much today.  

The scripture referenced was 1 Samuel 1:1-20, talking about Elkanah's wife Hannah and how she wanted so badly to have a son, but was barren.  She prayed and prayed to be able to give her husband a son.  It wasn't until she surrendered herself to God and vowed that she would give her son back to the Lord was when she was able to conceive and gave birth to Samuel.  

This story gives us three things that we can remember to apply to our present day lives:
  1. Believe that God's revelation is more powerful than your present situation - no matter what you are going through right now, God has something bigger in store for you.  Let go of guilt, sorrow, and regret.  Just surrender yourself to him and allow him rewrite your future.  
  2. When what we need does not happen, we change what happens - Get out of your comfort zone of reciting prayers, and start to be specific in your prayers.  
  3. Don't accept the present reality - again, what you are going through right now is not your end destination.  If there is something you want to accomplish in life, whether it be a certain career, being married, having kids...whatever it is God has placed that desire and dream in your heart for a reason.  Therefore He won't let it pass you!


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